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                【About Lmjx.Net】

                China Road Machinery Online (/) is the government website of China Construction Machinery Association Road Machine Branch and the most authoritative and most influenceable portal in China at construction machinery and maintain machinery. It is information platform and business affairs platform at construction machinery industry, and devotes itself to serve consumers at construction machinery industry and become to main current medium and provide one-station business services for construction machineri’s companies and consumers.
                Since the establishment in October 18, 2002, China Road Machinery Online has get all sections of the people regard and great kindness. Our website all-out create five platforms: construction machinery equipment platform, construction machinery rent platform, construction machinery fittings platform, construction machinery maintenance platform and construction machinery second-hand machinery. Our website rely on big resource and professional team make great efforts to the consumers provides a message with abundant, timely, professional and authoritative. At same time our website rely on best information service already became to the head chooses one of network medium for quickly know inner developments, gain business chances and check informations of product purchase and sell by decision-makers, directors and technicians in companies that be under construction, produce, sell and rent at all parts of the country. Our website already had cooperated with a lot of famous website and industry mediums, at same time our website had included by every search engines and became to strong spread platform. With our website’s influence increase day by day, website’s consumers and amounts in one day has increase step by step. Our website rely on professional serve and product informations subdividing thorough has provided the vast space and stage for the companies to proceed image propaganda and extend the product. The news in our website had included by GOOGLE, BAIDU and SINA and became to news resource.

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